One of the best ways you can ensure good dental health is to come in for regular cleanings and exams.

Depending on your dental health, we’ll recommend cleanings and exams at intervals of three months, four months, or six months. The schedule depends, primarily, on your susceptibility to gum disease.

For your comfort, we offer a numbing gel for a more comfortable cleaning, and we also have a massage chair near a window that provides a great view. Most cleanings and exams take approximately one hour.

During one of these “routine” appointments, we’re doing much more than just giving your teeth a clean, polished feeling. In fact, we’re also:

  • taking your health history
  • providing a blood pressure screening
  • removing plaque from under your gums and around your teeth (areas that are difficult for you to access through daily brushing and flossing)
  • examining you for oral cancer
  • checking any sensitive teeth, tissues, or problem areas
  • evaluating you for TMJ or bite problems
  • rechecking the restorative work that’s in your mouth

As part of your exam, we may also take X-rays. There are more than 200 maladies that can affect the mouth and jaws, many of which can only be identified through X-rays.