Smile Makeovers

At our dental office in Cherry Creek, we specialize in smile makeovers, from simple procedures such as teeth whitening to complex, full-mouth restorations.

What do you like about your smile? What do you wish you could change? Even the most subtle improvement in your smile can make a dramatic difference in how you look and feel.

We invite you to come in for a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Hagen, who is an experienced cosmetic dentist. Dr. Hagen can show you before and after photos of cosmetic dentistry, and he can also outline costs, timelines for treatment, and potential insurance coverage. 5280 Magazine has named Dr. Hagen as one of the top dentists in Denver!

Smile makeovers can include:

  • straightening crooked or crowded teeth
  • whitening teeth that are yellowed, darkened, or stained
  • resizing teeth that are too small or too large
  • correcting bites that are unattractive and/or causing muscle pain
  • filling in uneven or unwanted spaces
  • reshaping crooked or misshapen teeth

Smile makeovers can changes lives – we’ve seen it happen time and again!