Teeth whitening is one of the fastest, least expensive, most dramatic cosmetic dentistry options available today! It’s like turning back the clock, to restore your youthful smile!

We can brighten you smile with teeth whitening in just one visit to our office. Then your teeth will be the center of your confidence. Well, at least it will contribute to your self-esteem and confidence. Your friends, family, and loved ones will be amazed with your smile. Right here in Denver and Cherry Creek, we can help you get the best smile you have ever wanted or imagined. When you visit, you’ll be greeted and all the details will be explained to you by Joy, our dental hygienist and laser specialist.

Or, if you’d prefer to whiten your smile at home, we can fabricate a custom teeth whitening kit. These kits are far safer and more effective than products sold in grocery stores and drugstores. The custom fit of the whitening kits keeps chemicals from leaking out of the trays onto your gums and into your stomach. And the teeth whitening solution that’s included in the kit is a high-grade product that’s only available through a dentist.

To whiten your smile, you’ll wear the custom bleaching trays at home for up to one hour per day, for approximately 5-10 days. Your brighter smile can last for months or years (depending on how often your teeth are subjected to staining from coffee, tea, colas and other drinks and foods). And you can always “touch-up” your whitening by wearing the kits again for a few sessions.

We also offer laser treatment for whitening your teeth. It’s fast and proves with significant results. Many of our patients return for the treatment.

Whether you are out skiing or biking in beautiful Colorado, make sure those pearly whites are shining in the sun!