Cosmetic dentistry is everywhere and it’s for everyone. Go ahead and choose your smile…if you can envision it, we can create it!

Thanks to today’s dental materials and advanced technology, we can easily design the smile you’ve always wanted!

In a consultation, we’ll be happy to show you before and after pictures of cosmetic dentistry solutions, including:

  • smile makeovers (no more feeling ashamed to smile)
  • Gum Contouring with laser diode. Quickly vaporize unwanted gum tissue.
  • teeth whitening / teeth bleaching (no more stained or yellow teeth)
  • dental veneers (no more gaps in your smile or chipped and cracked teeth)
  • porcelain crowns (no more unattractive metal or gold crowns)
  • white fillings (no more silver, mercury fillings)
  • crowns and bridges or dental implants (no more missing teeth)

Does the practice take insurance?
Yes. We do accept insurance. However, insurance companies are allocating much less money than they use to. Learn more about the difference of the exceptional care and value we provide and the standard and average care other dental practices provide. Remember, you have a voice in what your needs are. And even better, we listen. Read more about dental insurance and how it’s directly related to the premium care we provide.

Reasons Why You Need Dr. Hagen’s Excellent Care

  • Total commitment to state-of-the-art care
  • Attention to patient comfort – No Pain Allowed
  • A clean and sterilized environment. Read more
  • A passionate and highly skilled team. Read more
  • Modern Laser and Restorative care with excellent results. Read more
  • Metal-free restorations with No mercury, nickle, or beryllium
  • The best veneers in Denver
  • Fair-Value Pricing
  • We take the time to listen
  • No reason to seek bargains in parachutes OR dentists. You may find it cheaper. But at what cost?