Crowns & bridges can help restore the function of your bite, and, thanks to porcelain materials, they can also blend in naturally with your other teeth!

We use crowns to restore decayed, broken, severely discolored, chipped, or misaligned teeth. Crowns are cemented to your original tooth and can last for years. We place crowns when there isn’t enough healthy tooth structure left to support a white filling, inlay, or onlay. Typically, these crowns are either all-porcelain or porcelain with gold underneath.

We use bridges to replace one or more missing teeth. Like crowns, bridges are created in a lab and become part of your permanent dental structure. A bridge generally consists of three or four parts, with crowns on the ends and artificial teeth in the middle.

Any time you need restorative dentistry, we’re happy to discuss all of the different treatment options and costs.