We’re happy to provide emergency care for our current patients.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency or are in dental pain, please call our office immediately, (303) 393-6006. After-hours and on weekends, Dr. Hagen can be reached through our answering service.

Oftentimes, we can see you the same day, or the next day, which allows us to begin treating your dental emergency as quickly as possible.

Common dental emergencies include:

    • cracked fillings
    • cracked or broken teeth
    • knocked out teeth
    • cracked or broken crowns, bridges, or implants
    • lost or broken dentures
    • abscesses
    • toothache
    • swollen lips, mouth, jaw, or cheeks
    • impacted teeth
    • dental infections
    • accidents or injuries

Don’t try to tough it out…the sooner we see you, the sooner we can help you feel better!