White Fillings (Mercury Free)

Silver fillings, also known as mercury amalgam, stood the test of time for more than 100 years and were placed by dentists around the world. In more recent times, however, white fillings, (also known as composite fillings), have been the better choice, structurally and aesthetically.

Because of his commitment to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Hagen was one of the first dentists in the Denver area to begin using composite fillings. Since 1989, he’s been using white fillings exclusively and has had a “mercury free” practice.

Composite fillings can bond the tooth together, providing more stability. Thanks to their white color, they look more natural in your mouth.

We routinely use white fillings to replace silver fillings that have become cracked or susceptible to new decay. We can also extract your amalgam fillings if you’d like a more beautiful smile and/or are concerned about having mercury in your mouth.

For more information on white fillings or to schedule a dental appointment, please call our office, (303) 393-6006, or e-mail info@cherrycreekdds.com.