Our practice is not governed by a corporate dental entity so we are not limited to the care that corporate entities deem adequate which are only implemented to keep costs low. Low costs only mean below average service and care – the bare minimum. More importantly, that also means we’re free to ensure that you receive the kind of care we provide and that all patients deserve.
For example, when you receive dental care from our practice, you’re no longer a number on the chart. You become part of the family.

Unlike what corporate dental shops determine for your dental needs, you have a voice in what your needs are. And even better, we listen.

This is average, if not, below-average service for a crown.

Here is a picture to display what we offer for dental care. This is above and beyond service for a crown.

The results speak for themselves.

During your first visit with Dr. Hagen, he will meet with you in a comfortable consultation room and invite you to just talk about what you expect from us. We do not dive into treatment unless you have an emergency, pain, or request treatment. Instead, we give you the time you deserve. Your first visit will take about an hour, and we promise you that you have never experienced such premium care before.

When you meet the rest of our family, you will quickly learn that you’re in excellent hands.

Our cost is directly related to the premium care we provide. When you become part of our family, your oral health care will reach a new dimension because you have a voice and we listen. The experience and results you receive will be best you deserve.