Snoring can be very annoying to spouse and partners, yet few people realize that it can also be a warning sign of a potentially life-threatening condition, sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused by the tissues and muscles in the throat relaxing, causeing the airway to constrict. This tighter airway causes the breath to vibrate, thus creating the noise of snoring.

In the past, some treatments for snoring and sleep apnea included surgery, medication, and breathing machines.

Now there’s a better option: an anti-snoring device. This comfortable device can be worn in your mouth while you sleep. It works by pushing your lower jaw or tongue forward, helping to expand your airway. It can be the answer for people who have struggled with snoring and found little or no relief from nose strips, chin straps, special pillows, or nasal sprays.

In an office consultation, Dr. Hagen, (who also suffers from sleep apnea), will outline the benefits, treatment steps, and cost of getting fitted for an anti-snoring device.

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